I Think I May Have a Problem

Here you'll find nothing more than this chocolate-colored pony's slight obsession with yellow and pink and butterflies and the softest turquoise eyes...

In other words, all Fluttershy, all the time, all SFW, no shipping, and that's a promise... not even with me.

Oh, and before anypony asks, none of this art is mine. All art is sourced and credited (when I can).

If anypony's interested, I have a very dull not-necessarily-Fluttershy-centric blog over here.

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Interlude Daily Cute
No I didn’t do the wings like that because I forgot to draw them in the first place =x
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while i absolutely love how i drew fluttershy, i feel like i ended up with a very dark-themed piece (being dragged with rope? i dont know what i was thinking). i was not really planning that. :I
today’s fluttershy drawing shared a lot of influence from askbattyshy's design (seriously, this artist's style is adorable and i love it)

S04E19 - Betraded by Blastdown
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Yay, Fluttershy :3
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I was very scared last day and I doodle a pony to cheer me up. Of course it was fluttershy. But in the end everything turned great on that day :)
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shy pony
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