I Think I May Have a Problem

Here you'll find nothing more than this chocolate-colored pony's slight obsession with yellow and pink and butterflies and the softest turquoise eyes...

In other words, all Fluttershy, all the time, all SFW, no shipping, and that's a promise... not even with me.

Oh, and before anypony asks, none of this art is mine. All art is sourced and credited (when I can).

If anypony's interested, I have a very dull not-necessarily-Fluttershy-centric blog over here.

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((I doodled a pegasus!Battyshy! I’ve been working on the update so it’ll hopefully come later this week :3))
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I don’t know.

La la la by Alasou
Permalink Oh come out of this Shadow, Squirrel… Fluttershy by Alexis25
Permalink Sing to the Skies by Iies
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adorable fluttershy 030

Adorable Fluttercat by ChuckyBB
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Permalink Element Of Kindness. by Akorrn
Permalink S1-14 FS by 大黒
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i wasnt gonna color this… then i forgot
Permalink Fluttershy Wave by exeError
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